All Saints’ Hockerill –

A content-managed solution for a low maintenance church website.

UX & UI Design Wordpress

All Saints’ Hockerill church was built in 1851 and has been serving the community of Bishop’s Stortford ever since. I worked with All Saints’ to redesign and redevelop their website to not just to showcase the church’s beauty and history, but reflect their welcoming and helpful approach.

Designing for Usability

The approach of the redesign was to create an environment that guides current and new users through their experience whilst ensuring they could achieve their primary goals quickly and easily.

UI is just the 'Tip of the Iceberg'

Development was also required back-end and WordPress supplied us with a flexible and adaptive CMS to ensure ease of use and accessibility to non-technical users. Simple but effective modular design provides components with standard interfaces that can be rearranged, customised and reused site-wide.